About Nettie

Nettie Kennedy - Mississippi Pastel Artist

Nettie Kennedy – Mississippi Pastel Artist

Nettie Kennedy

“My main concentration since retiring from active Real Estate, has been Art.

I own ‘STUDIO ON THE LAKE’. My main medium is Pastels. I do Pastel Portraits and Landscapes. Private Commissions accepted for Portraits and Special Memories from your photos.

I share my time between Mississippi, Colorado and North Carolina.

I started my love of art and color as a young child with my crayons. My favorite classes were always art.

Nature was always fascinating, and I spent endless hours of walking the woods of South Pennsylvania and iceskating on a nearby lake and pond. Collecting leaves, special stones and storing to memory the beautiful Pennsylvania farms and forests.

I puttered off and on playing with Art until my daughter was born. Then I was working in oils, but not too seriously. Since the oils had so many toxic features and a serious clean up time and drying time…I decided they were not safe for small children. I asked a local arts & craft store, in my, then, really small, country town..about a product I had used in high school….called Pastels. The owner looked them up and told me he would have to order them from a place in NYC.

When my first set of Rembrandts in their special wooden box arrived, I was captured by the magic of Pastels when I raised the lid to see them. They were so beautiful….like precious gems!
Thus began my passion for Pastels.!

I Love to do Pastel Portraits,
but the Landscapes are my favorite. Portraits are like landscapes though, I am learning. It’s extremely challenging to capture the arch of an eyebrow or curve of cheeks and lips. It’s all about shapes and values.

Being self taught, I am always reading about art, looking at art, anything with art. I have done workshops in Pastels under several American Masters and am continuously learning and perfecting my style. The St. Tammany Pastel Society has been an excellent opportunity painting together with the other members and having skilled teachers holding workshops for us.

Learning from the Masters of Impressionism and the Dutch Masters, the American Impressionists, and Zorn & Sargent and the many American Artists with extraordinary talent is a special privilege to me. To this end I have found Facebook an endless journey into learning more skills and looking at beautiful paintings.

Loving Music….Jazz, Classical, Broadway, Golden Oldies from the 50s and 60s, Saxophone and Trumpet, Easy Listening, and ‘Runaway Train’…..something is always playing when I’m painting or reading.

Art is an exciting journey I am on, of always learning, exploring and doing. There’s something new everyday.

If you have always wanted to paint or draw, but think you have no talent….let me tell you…..it’s much more hard work than natural talent. You cannot live long enough to learn or see or do it all, so get started today.”